Toxic Energy Field Mitigation (5G and more)

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The Unseen Toxin is the most Dangerous

The Earth is being battered with toxicity and poison at an alarming rate and as bad as the radiation from Fukushima, Monsanto’s herbicides, industrial waste run off etc. has been and is, the number one pollution is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Sounds astonishing to say and here is why.  EMI  penetrates everything and is delivered pervasively and increasingly in all locations, on a constant basis and it effects all life forms, almost without notice. As one observer has noted, Once the bees are fully interrupted in their course and can no longer pollinate , all humanity is at risk. The impact on bees is just one area of many thousands.

Overview of Impact

The environmental toxicity has become the primary concern and continues to increase in its complexity.   In order to fully appreciate the impact we must focus on the cellular level activity to understand how these waves that surround us (HDTV, Radio Station transmissions, Cell Phone Towers, Emergency Broadcasting Systems, Micro wave repeater towers, our own Cell phones, Smart meters, current and emerging automotive electronic systems and the most intangible Geo-pathic stress) interact with that function.  Our physical body is comprised of trillions of cells with each organ and bodily system have specific cells formed for the proper function of that organ and system.  However, all cells work based on the what is called the Sodium – Potassium pump, a very primal functioning that allows for us to move about our day and perform the work that we do. Without this pumping mechanism properly functioning, we don’t move. If you have ever witnessed an individual lose their electrolytes as they are called, you will notice one startling event, they collapse IMMEDIATELY. So what is the effect of all these waves on this tiny little cell is the question.

We have been living in what we have called the “modern” world and have become “blind” to the the changing landscape and have adapted to all of these “improvements” to our lifestyle in the form of “advanced” technologies treating them as common place. What is depicted in the left picture below is a representation of that norm that is common place today and what is depicted on the right has been a norm for eons of time and is a representation of the cellular pumping mechanism.

Which one do we recognize and are cognizance about the most. Yes, the one on the left, for when this communications breaks down we instantly recognize it and begin working on correcting it. However, the cellular pump which is a part of the communications processing in the body (with inter-cellular communications  a key indicator of the wellness of an individual – how well does the body talk to itself) can be interrupted and it is typically not understood or recognized as such. The individual may recognize they are not feeling well, but not that this pumping mechanism is a key component and indicator of the lack of well-being.  For a video on how this pump works . go here

The World of the Individual cell

It is this ionic pump that allows for the influx of nutrients, fluids and information into the cell and the waste to come out. When this pump is disrupted, biological processes are diminished with the extreme case of all  sodium-potassium pumping interrupted, then the person exits stage left. As these ions are exchanged across that membrane, the flow of these other components to take place.

So how can all of these devices/electronic system (like my cell phone and all the cell phone towers it has to communicate with to work) impact this pumping mechanism function? What is required for us to understand is that the cell has a very tiny charge across it based on these sodium-potassium ions, and these electronic systems that broadcast electrical fields only have to be strong enough to interrupt this tiny field to create an effect. One of the key aspects as noted above is that the waves generated by these electronic systems are a constant load, day and night, always exposing the individual  to the effect of the fields/waves they generate.  They are also operating as specific frequencies that are incoherent to our bodies and therefore disruptive and/or biologically active frequencies. These biologically active frequencies will effectively jam the signal. Watch this video on sympathetic resonance to understand how that can happen. .  If you have used a cell phone and have experienced having your head heat up from its usage then you are beginning to understand that these wave have a very detrimental effect. These Sodium-Potassium ions sitting across this membrane produce about -70 Micro Volts of energy and since the Universe always tries to create an equilibrium across a member, there is a continuous flow of ions from one side to the other to  create an equilibrium . This is why replacing on a continual basis one’s minerals is a must (hint: we are not getting the minerals that we need from our food supply any longer and the body was designed to uptake minerals from plants in what is called a colloidal solution – Click here for info on the mineral supplement we use.)

The 5 Areas of Concern

The five areas of concern are highlighted below. Click the link next to the text to learn more or follow down below to get an overview on how we mitigate these toxic fields.

  1. Geopathic Stress – Earth Energy Grids that have become toxic.                 Details
  2. Radiation from House Hold Electrical Wiring /Appliances/Devices.           Details
  3. Radiation from Externally Broadcast Electro-Magnetic Fields                Details
  4.  Personal Protection devices at work and abroad                                                Details
  5.  Radiation from Automotive Systems EMI toxic                                                   Details

What We Use to Mitigate and Protect

As a student of Bio-geometry® (the study of how a shape can cause a wave – related to sacred geometry) I have learned the language of subtle energy detection and have the capability of testing / assessing the subtle energy for both detrimental and beneficial waves. Using this methodology to detect the underlay subtle energy set that exists with detrimental lines/waves an antidote can be created by finding the pattern/geometry that provides a correction to that detrimental field. Now what does that mean?

Function Follows Form

Geometry has long been disregarded as a fundamental understanding of how life works. We know that when a person has a dis-ease the organ that is in questions or struggling takes on a different shape from its typical. From our research, it is just the opposite view, the organ goes out of shape and therefore losses its function. Since the function of the organ is dependent on the form/shape/geometry of the organ, what is necessary as a primitive is to help the organ regain its shape. The necessity of geometry and its relation to every day life goes like this:

If you have a car, it has tires and those tires typically look like the picture on the left. However, if you have driven long enough you will eventually see a tire like the one that is on the right. The difference. The SHAPE. You really don’t care if there is air in the tire or not, that is just a workable mechanism of keeping tire in a “proper” shape.  Without the tire in the proper shape (and there is a gradient of shapes that will “work” providing various degrees of function) there is a loss of function.

This concept works every where in our life (such as every door we walk through – if the door is just a fraction out of shape it will not close). Every aspect of our bodies and the things we use requires them to be in the proper shape for those things to properly work.

The Devices

The Safe space protection devices have been developed with the advanced techniques of Bio-Geometry and Sacred Geometry to determine the patterns (the shapes that produce a function – a wave) that help not just mitigate the fields that are detrimental, but to convert them into beneficial waves.  As a student of bio-geometry which I use extensively to assess the energy fields of devices and people, I have extensively tested many devices that are currently on the market, specially for cell phone remediation and personal protection devices. The good news is that most of them do mitigate the detrimental fields, however, I have found that only the Safe Space devices convert the fields to beneficial, making those devices a wiser choice to obtain.  Click Here for an overview of these devices. 

For Practitioners

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