Service Schedule




Dietary Find the Dietary Supplement’s that are working and eliminate those that are not


Ionized Foot Bath Help increase your body’s energy and elimination/release processes (30 Min)


Infrared Sauna Session Detoxification through the largest excretion organ – the skin


Energy Flow Balancing

Working as a student of Bio-geometry and Light Life Tools provide specific organ zero point energy balancing work.


Acute Condition

Location and Remediation of acute trauma (injuries/allergies/ infections)


Lymph Star

Lymphatic system drainage to help the body neutralize and eliminate waste


Causal Chain

Full System assessment, dominant organ location, advanced homeopathic remedy creation


Mini Session

30 Minute Energy Flow Balancing + FIR Sauna + Foot Bath (typically 1.5 Hrs)


Full Session

Causal Chain + Energy Flow Balancing + FIR Sauna + Foot Bath (typically 3 Hrs)


Home Energy Balancing- Toxic field Clearing

Transformation of the Detrimental Earth energies into beneficial energy patterns in the Living Space and begin creating sacred space.