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Paul Stumpo B.S.E.E., has worked in Engineering field as an Embedded Systems Design engineer and advanced Systems Engineering Analyst for 30 years (ranging from Department of Defense, to Automotive Electronics, to Medical Devices and bio-electronics) receiving an Electrical Engineer Degree from Lawrence Technological University (1986). Paul, having struggled from his youth with chronic illnesses and a lack of vitality (emotionally, mentally, and physically) began his own pursuit into well being and self empowerment in 1996 working closely with a local Naturopathic Doctor and Chinese Herbalist Dr. Joel Casman in Southfield Michigan. In 2001,with his own phsicial well being much improved and inspired by close friends who were struggling with terminally ill diseases with no responsible health care alternatives, Paul began a deeper study into homeopathy, bio-electronics, and electro-dermal screening (EAV) His overall objective is to understand the human being from a System Engineering standpoint applying this engineering discipline to the Human Being. He has study with doctors in both Canada and the United States, such as Morris Zubkewych at High Park Chiropractic Clinic in Toronto (2002-2008) who taught advanced topics on bio-resonance, advanced homeopathy and Functional Medicine/Causal Chain/(Helmut W. Schimmel) using EAV assessment techniques. Paul has performed the causal chain process on over 500 different subjects over the course of his research seeing first hand the effect of address the underlying core issue can produce. Also in 2008/9 Paul studied with Dr. Correy Carter ND North Dakota as Dr. Carter taught on his inventive methodology to perform lymphatic decongestive work using a bio-electronics device known as a Lymphstar. Using this device and this methodology has enabled Paul to assist many individuals (most needing lynphic decogestive work) improve their well being. This work continued to increase Paul’s awareness of the many facets of Human Systems inner workings. His research continued into sacred geometry and bio-geometry. Paul has studies with Dr. Robert Gilbert at the Vesicle Institute in Asheville North Carolina as well as a deep study into Rudolf Steiner’s works based on Spiritual Science (Not Scientology). Paul also at this time studied with Bill Reed (Slim Spurling’s silent Partner). Paul first received instruction about Geo-pathic stress from Bill as well as the detailed usage of the Spurling Light Life tools. As a part of this study with Dr Gilbert on bio-geometry and sacred geometry, the development of the techniques for studying, testing and mitigating the detrimental effects of Electron-Magnetic interference as well as Geo-pathic stress lines become more mature and complete. Paul has cleared hundreds of houses and many businesses as well with many testaments of both the effects of the geo-pathic stress had on the occupants lives as well as the effects of the clearing of those lines. With all this research in hand Paul has formulated protocols for both re-balancing our current environment (dwellings and work spaces) as well as for individuals.

“For the individual to step into their own self empowerment with regard to their well-being, even to the point of them becoming their own ‘doctor’, is my greatest reward”.

Paul Stumpo,

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