Understanding Imbalances

There are many techniques for determining where the energetic imbalances are occurring in ones being and there are many levels on which those imbalances can exist. Basically an imbalance is a lack of energy flow in a particular system or function of a person caused by an energy blockage typically referred to as a toxin. Toxins can manifest as physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or any combination.

At Basics to Wellness we combine different techniques such as Vibrational Dowsing and Meridian testing via Electro Acupuncture according to Vohl (EAV).  The basis of Vibrational Dowsing uses the concept of sympathetic resonance to determine the relationship between the individual under test and the substance being tested.  In EAV, no needles are used, instead a bio-electro device measures the bodies ability to flow energy through a meridian via acupuncture points on the hands and the feet. The basic goal of both forms of testing is to find the root cause of the energy disturbance and to focus on clearing that root cause.

Re-balancing to Regain Wellness

In order to facilitate the investigation, a person’s time line of experiences is used to drive the search for the underlying cause. Upon finding the causative factors that disrupt the balance we apply advanced energetic techniques via bio-electronic devices, bio-resonance devices, digital homeopathy, herbs, energy flow patterns and sacred geometrical in order to re-establish the original balance. Along with the re-balancing the lymphatic system is stimulated to allow for the movement and release of toxicities. Often we use an Infra Red sauna session and ionic foot bath session to help effectively and rapidly eliminate those toxicities.

Assement For focus

The objective of the Causative Imbalance testing is to locate (according to the theory of the process):

  • The Dominant Energy Disturbance¹
  • The Most Stressed Organ¹
  • The Most Damaged Organ¹
  • The Next Relevant Focus¹

1 – This is not to be consider a diagnosis or an attempt to replace a Medical Doctors finding.

Dietary Supplement Testing

Each dietary supplement is qualified by testing against the dominant energy disturbance to determine if a substance helps that system become more balanced. Any Supplement must pass three basic tests in order for it to be of any benefit to you:

  • Must have therapeutic value
  • Your Body must be in need of that substance
  • Your body must be able to assimilate the substance

The benefit is to take only what helps balance your body in its current state. Supplementation should be supporting a diet that is rich in the proper nutrition.