Kangen – Returning to the Origin

Ionized, Alkalized Micro Clustered Water helping to Create Homeostasis in the Body

Hydrating and Micro-Clustered

People and pets prefer hexagonal water, which is comprised of six molecules of water in a ring-shaped cluster, which allows it to permeate your cell walls. In nature, it is found in the water from melting snow or ice. It can be produced by ionization of water containing certain alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Kangen Water reduces the size of the water molecular cluster by two-thirds with the water taking on this hexagonal geometry. The amount of hexagonal water produced by electrolysis depends on the plate size and the wattage of the device.

Restoring pH Balance

pH is the measurement of the acid- alkaline balance in the body. The pH scale is logarithmic in that each increment is Ten times greater than the previous. The scale runs from 1 to 14 with 1 being complete acidic and 14 being completely alkaline. Both extremes are detrimental to all life forms. The human body strives to create a homeostasis very near to 7 with the blood requiring to be in a very narrow band of 7.35 to 7.45. Kangen drinking water is delivered at 7.0, 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 pH. The later three water outputs provide a means by which the body’s alkalinity can be raised.  The other settings are 2.5 for sterilizing and disinfecting, 5.5 for skin care (the skin requires to be acidic), and 11.5 for emulsifying oils and cleansing. Alkalized Kangen gives you the ability to neutralize the typical acidic Western diet.

 Neutralizing Free Radicals

Free radicals are atoms or molecules, which contain unpaired electrons (such as active oxygen) and therefore seek out electrons from another source, from your energy reserves, damaging/aging your body. Your body naturally creates these free radicals as a part of the oxidation process of every day life. “If we can find an effective method to block the oxidation of healthy tissue by active oxygen, then we can attempt to prevent disease” says Dr. Hayashi, Director of The Water Institute in Tokyo, Japan. Kangen water is substantially electrically charged and therefore greatly enhances the body’s means to neutralize and extinguish free radicals reducing the oxidation process (aging) in your body allowing you to have more energy to perform the tasks of life. Normal tap water measures approximately 400 mV of positive charge while Kangen water measures from –200 to –800 mV of negative charge. The difference being that your body has to supply energy to the water that is positively charged in order for it to be useful. The Kangen Machine does that work for you by negatively charging the water.

Did You Know That?

  • As good as Reverse Osmosis water has been for so long, most recently we have come to understand that it leaches the essential minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium from your body, minerals required for the body to survive.
  • Aquafina, Danasi and other bottled waters are simple RO water, some of which add non-absorbable minerals back into the water.
  • 33% of bottled water tested contained such high levels of synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic that violated industry standards1
  • Most Americans are chronically dehydrated (especially senior citizens) regardless of the amount of water they consume because you are only able to absorb a small percentage of most waters (typically less the 25%).
  • A 1% drop in hydration equates to a 5% loss of cognitive ability. Dehydration leads to headache, arthritis, constipation, etc.
  • Chemicals used to treat water react with decaying vegetation producing by-products that have been linked with bladder and rectal cancers2
  • The single most important thing that you can do to recreate wellness in your body is to drink Kangen water.

1NDRC, Swimming in Sewage, Feb. 2004

2 America Journal of Nursing, Tainted Water on Tap, Nov 2005.

Water Filtration

The Kangen water system has a replaceable filter that removes chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. Kangen does not remove the essential minerals Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium, which are alkalizing buffers for proper digestion. These minerals are completely removed in reverse osmosis waters and therefore these waters are detrimentally impacting your body by requiring the body to use its own supply (like the calcium in your bones) to process this water. We have enhanced the system with the prefilter (see tab above for more details) to ensure ourselves of having the cleanist possible waters for all the applications provide by the Enagic including the 7.0 neutral clean water that is simply filtered water.

Water Test Results









Danasi (Coke) 1












Reverse Osmosis




Tap Water




Green Tea




Kangen – 600% more absorption

8.5 to 9.5

-300 to



Note: ORP (Oxyidation Reduction Potential)  is a measure of anti-oxidant power and is measured in milliVolts (mV). A negative ORP means that a substance has free electrons (Hydroxyl ion/OH-) to donate. A positive ORP solution absorbs free electrons robbing your body of its inherent energy (i.e. accelerates aging), and is considered to be a pro-oxidant.


Enagic’s units are a medical grade device in Japan and they are used in Hospitals in there. Enagic units are manufactured in a facilitate that has the ISO certification for medical devices. They are the only ionizers that have a process by which the operator can perform regular maintenance cleaning by allowing the plate system to be soaked in a citric acid solution for More than 5 hours. These ionizers are compact, easy to use, and versatile and designed to last, manufactured with the highest quality standards in the industry with each unit made one at a time by the same technician,  start to finish. (There are 3 other models not shown below, 2 of which are based on the SD501 and the Anespa for the bathroom). Enagic’s ionizers are the only ionizers on the market





Travel Model that only produces 4.5 to 9.5 pH Water
equipped with 3 small electrodes. Cost $1290


Equipped with 3 large full size plates, is most
Economical Model that produces full complement of
Alkaline and Acidic Waters. Cost $2380 
50¢ per day for the whole family


Mid-level model hosting 5 plates and produces the
full complement of Alkaline and Acidic Water,
with voice prompts, usage monitoring. Cost $3280 
65¢ per day for the whole family


Top of line model with the same features as the DXII but
hosting 7 plates for the longest lasting
Ionization (4 days = %25). Cost $3980 75¢ per day for the whole family