Testing Techniques

Vibrational Dowsing

There two forms of dowsing:

1) Mental – where the tester is asking a question holding a pendulum and looking for a response from God/god/Universal Energy/Quantum Field for an answer displayed in the movement of the pendulum.

2) Vibrational Dowsing – where the tester calibrates the length of the pendulum to the subject and then becomes the connector between the subject and the item under test (be it a supplement, or possible toxin) with the movement of the pendulum providing the indication of in resonance or not in resonance.

Vibrational dowsing is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance (click for demonstration of this principle) which basically is  all substances of the same type, material and construction are connected and communicating.

Electro Dermal Screening

Acupuncturists have known for centuries that meridians are lines of energy that flow in the body.  There are 14 meridians, 12 of which have a corresponding organ or system.  The Asian world has long used this concept to assess health problems. A point on a meridian is where a needle would be placed in an acupuncture treatment.  In EAV, no needles are used; instead a bio-electro device measures energy at acupuncture points on the hands and the feet.

Dr. Vohl, a German medical doctor in the early 1940’s, began research on measuring electrical resistance at meridian points. This led him to an understanding of the energy measurements at meridian points and their interpretation as part of a health assessment.  Energy imbalances in a meridian can indicate potential health issues.

Dr. Vohl followed up by testing to see if an imbalanced meridian point could be balanced via the application of a homeopathic substance, homeopathy being a major form of therapy.

Advances in Technique

Today, the technology has advanced to allow us to assess the meridians of the body and interpret the readings to determine where the potentially most significant imbalance(s) exists in a process called Causal Chain EAV and then to balance the body’s systems with homeopathic substances. The objective of the Causal Chain Process is to help individuals clear imbalances that have accumulated over a lifetime of physical and emotional trauma. In order to facilitate the investigation, a person’s time line of experiences is used to drive the search for potential homeopathic substances. Both physical and emotional issues are used with emphasis on the emotional issues, since emotional disturbances (stress) often lie at the very root of the imbalance. Then the potential homeopathic remedies are tested on the individual to determine which remedies and potencies an individual needs by observing the effect the homeopathic has on the energy imbalance at a meridian point. The output of this process is an energetic imprint into water of the remedies determined in the process.