Device Info for Toxic Energy Clearing/Protection

Devices Overview

EMF House Adaptor

Cost:  $299.00

Overview: An All-in-One Solution to Neutralize Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home or Office

Benefits:   Clears and protects entire home or office space from the harmful effects of EMF radiation via the wiring.  Uses building’s electrical circuitry to send a corrective, harmonizing resonance signal through the wiring of the entire space.  Clears to the smart meter.  All Appliances that are plugged in are cleared and emit beneficial wave throughout the house. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store

Usage:   Simply plug-in to any AC outlet in the house.  Easily transported to different locations.         Size:  1.5” x 2”.

Vehicle Adapter



Cost:  $99.00

Overview: Protection from Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Vehicle Similar to the SafeSpace EMF Adapter, the Vehicle Plug uses your car’s electric circuitry to clear and protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields when you are on the road.

Benefits:  Clears and protects vehicle from the harmful effects of EMF radiation via the vehicles electronic systems.  Creates a bubble around car to protect from the hazards of radiating EMI from surroundings,  New vehicles are now equipped with active Radar that sprays harmful EMI 200 feet in front and 30 feet to each side.   Soon the infrastructure (street system) will have EMI via WIFI communications to each vehicle. Two USB ports for charging mobile devices. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store

Usage:  Simply plug-in to any outlet in the vehicle     Easily transported to different vehicles.  Size:  1” x 2.5”

For Practitioners

If you are a practitioner with an active client flow and wish to be a distributor of these products please email to Also click here to read through the distributor agreement.


Cost: $115.00 for 4 Pack

Overview: Clear geopathic stress zones and, when planted in the four corners of an area, they immediately resonate with each other, infusing the treated area with a healing, life-supporting energy field. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store

Benefits:  Encoded with a comprehensive program of transformative subtle energies that resonate with the elements of the earth and atmosphere.       Clears geopathic stress and other toxins. Creates a balancing and healing effect in the soil, plants, trees and waterways. Imprints into conductive materials such as metal, concrete and brick structures in and above the ground. Full-color spectrum that supports life processes. Energy imprints of 64 minerals resonant with earth minerals. Geomagnetic earth pattern to balance soil and land. Patterns to support atmospheric balance and earth protection.

Usage:  Plant in ground at the four corners of the property Size: 2” x 2” four per pack Range: Radiates a corrective transformativ  field within the matrix of four. Maximum distance: Each Matrix Can be planted two acres or up to a half mile apart

Radiant Room


Cost: $185.00

Overview: The Radiant Room protects smaller spaces from external EMF sources such as smart meters, cell towers, high-voltage power lines, wireless networks and geopathic stress.

Benefits:  Creates an overlay of benign energy. Neutralize harmful EMFs immediately. Help you experience an increased sense of well-being. Enhance mental and emotional clarity. Restore balance and tranquility to your environment. Help you get more-restful sleep. Most toxic transmitted energies neutralized. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store

Usage:  Simply place on a flat surface anywhere in the room. Easily transported to any location in the house or take with you on vacation.

Smart Patch

Cost: $35.00 for 2 pack

Overview: Converts harmful radiation to biologically safe EMFs The laboratory-tested SafeSpace Smart Patch has been proven to transform and neutralize radiation from wireless technologies, electronics and appliances.

Technology:  The patch’s non-electric metal substrate hologram has been permanently encoded with frequency information that interacts with and neutralizes the damaging effect of the incoherent energy from EMFs

Benefits:  Converts the interfering radiation from the device. Transmits a coherent life-enhancing field through the device. The patch radiates a six-foot protective field around the device to keep you crystal clear.  Begins to work immediately. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store

Usage: Affix to the device.  For cell phone, place under neigh the case or if the cell phone case can be opened place inside the case.  It does not need to be replaced

VitaPlex Pendant

Cost:  $165.00

Overview: This beautiful piece of jewelry is permanently encoded to clear, protect and energize while supporting your natural ability to rebalance and heal. The pendant also guards against the impact of environmental stressors

Technology:  Vibrationally imprinted circuit permanently sealed within the pendant and encoded with specific subtle energetic signals designed to keep body balanced. Frequencies available enables it to interact with you and adapt its “broadcasting” frequencies to your changing needs and outside circumstances.

Benefits: Help to restore integrity to the body through the energy field. Help cells to regenerate and function correctly. Energize while promoting calmness and clarity.  Protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Counter jet lag and ease travel. Encoded frequencies interact with your unique energy field to balance and harmonize your body. It continues to adapt to your needs and keeps you protected from toxic fields that can compromise your health. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store

Usage:  For best results, simply wear around the neck daily. Size  L 1¼” x W ¼” Brass plated with sterling silver

Energizing/Clearing Plate

Cost: Large: $90.00

Overview: Clear and energize what you eat and drink

 Technology:  The Food/Liquid Energizer is programmed with a hologram that radiates a range of permanently imprinted vibrational frequencies specifically for foods and beverages

Benefits: Protects the natural healthy balance of foods and drinks. It rebalances any food or liquid you consume and Restores vitality to foods and liquids. Clears toxic residues.  Raises the nutritional value Improves digestion and energy after meals. Keeps foods fresh longer and enhances flavors . Enhances/Protects supplements. Click Here to purchase Toxic Energetic Clearing Devices Store