The Process

Foundation Principles

Our approach is based on creating a foundation upon which a person can build their wellness. That foundation is

  1.  Proper water – More Details Here
  2.  Proper Colloidal minerals and Organic food – More Details Here
  3.  A healthy house environment (No Electro-Smog and Geo-pathic  Stress) – More Details Here
  4.  Proper Structural hygiene (Cranial/Sacral/Spinal system in proper working order)

With these foundations in place the environment for the body to re-balance and rebuild is restored

Balancing People

Below are the basic steps that we utilize with the direct intention to assist an individual to re-balance energetically as well as to empower them to undertake their own wellness.
  1. Educate the individual on the basics of Hydration (a proper water supply), minerals and salts, Geo-pathic stress issues and structural hygiene.
  2. Continue educating on the need for detoxification on a daily basis due to the swamp of toxins in which we swim. See Detoxification techniques page for more details.
  3. Inside of sacred space test for imbalances, and begin lymphatic de-congestion using different bio-electronic devices.
  4. Using Vibrational dowsing (see tab titled “Testing Techniques” for more details), determine the focus / core imbalance and relate it to the individuals physical/mental/emotional state. Discuss symptoms based on how the disturbance in the dominant organ reflects that disturbance to the other areas of the body. See Functional Medicine: The Origin and Treatment of Chronic Disease by Helut W. Schimmel and Victor Penzer. Below is the energy flow pattern when the Gall Bladder is the core issue. Notice the reflected energy disturbances that are caused which lay entirely within the symptomatology and not the causative factors.

6.  We use the core issue organ/system to direct the search for a dietary supplementation to support that particular system as well as assemble a tailored digital homeopathic energetic remedy based on the individuals physical/emotional state.

7. Energetically balancing the entire system with energy flow patterns applied to the individuals core imbalance organ, using that organ as a gateway to the entire bodies energy disturbances.

8. Provide for emotional clearing as the individual revisits those emotions and as they come up during the session.

9. Continue the detoxification release and re-energizing process with an Ionic foot bath to begin clearing that which was identified and “stirred up” during the assessment and energy balancing portion.

10. Continue the detoxification and cleansing process via Far Infrared Sauna. See our pages on Detox techniques for more details.


Balancing Homes

  1. Perform a scan of the living space to determine Hartmann/Curry/Benker/Geomagnetic  Line Involvement, helping education and inform.
  2. Install geo-resonators at the corners of the property and ensure that the lines have been mitigated.
  3. Test the electrical system with a Stetzer meter and via bio-geometry devices to determine the level of interference and involvement from the high Frequency Electro-Magnetic Interference generated from the Electrical wiring system in the House.
  4. Place one Electrical Sacred Geometry form on the fuse panel to mitigate Alternating Curent  EMI issues propagating via the wiring system.
  5. Begin to help create sacred space by placing corrective bio-geometry forms on the mirrors in the household
  6. Continue the discussion on how to create sacred space in the home.