Mineral Supplementation Information

The Standard in Colloidal Minerals: TJ Clark

T. J. Clark’s Minerals are the purest and most beneficial plant source, colloidal, trace minerals available today, the only true source of plant source organic, colloidal trace minerals since 1925. Our product has been on the front line for over 90 years. You know about the benefits of T.J. Clark’s Colloidal Minerals, but (and this is equally important) you should also know that there are no side effects or hidden dangers lurking in our product. Our 90 years of experience assures you of our commitment to your total health. When you are dealing with something as important as your life, can you afford to use anything other than T. J. Clark’s Colloidal Minerals?

T.J. Clark’s Colloidal Minerals are not a simple solution of elemental metals in colloidal suspension. That is the other guys. The other guys also advertise high levels of elemental metals based on a typical mineral analysis (metals assay). Please do not confuse T. J. Clark’s Colloidal Minerals with the other guys.

Like many other nutrients, minerals function as coenzymes, enabling the body to quickly and accurately perform it’s activities.* Minerals are needed for the proper composition of body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, and the maintenance of healthy nerve function.* The T.J.Clark Phytogenic Mineral formulas contain trace amounts of dozens of natural Phytogenic, or plant produced minerals and elements combining to restore proper chemistry and balance to your body.*  This unique blend of naturally occurring minerals may work at the cellular level to restore and maintain health by increasing the viability of oxygen, blood, and nerve receptors, without which your body could not function, nor make proper use of any other nutrient presented to it.  The T.J.Clark Phytogenic Mineral are obtained from ancient deposits of prehistoric flora, which originated during the Mesozoic Era, approximately 60-120 million years ago. This unique complex of natural minerals and elements have been researched and perfected by T. J. Clark & Company for almost 80 years.  In the last 9 decades, T. J. Clark has done more to advance the newly emerging science of Phytogenic Chemistry, and mineral nutrition than any other company.  In doing so they have provided increased health and vitality to millions of satisfied users.

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