In its healing approach, Basics to Wellness is based on a systems view of the human being. All the subsystems which comprise and drive the whole human being should be carefully harmonized and balanced, so as to enable continuous physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual development. The Basics to Wellness, outlined below, provide the necessary foundation upon which well-being can be built—and without which well-being is not possible.

Those basics are as follows:

  1. Proper Water—Water is the essential elixir of life. It is perhaps the most misunderstood substance in our environment, simply because we have failed to understand that the body’s requirement for water is very strict—meaning that H2O must have specific properties in order for the body to recognize it as water. The fluid that comes out of the tap or out of most plastic bottles is not water with respect to the body’s intelligence. Distilled and reverse osmosis forms of H2O do not occur in nature and in themselves are not usable by the human body long term.  Click Here to Learn What we do.

  2. Colloidal Minerals and Organic Food—The correct and free flow of energy throughout the body requires proper mineralization and pH levels. These, in turn, support the enzymatic functions needed for digestion and detoxification. In particular, practitioners who do energy work via any modality must remain adequately mineralized and hydrated. Food should be organically cultivated, nutrient dense, enzymatically active, and as free of toxic or foreign DNA matter as possible.  Learn more here TJ Clark Minerals
  3. Proper Structural alignment/Chiropractic Care  – Alignment of the spinal system is integral to well-being. Maintaining the correct position of the Atlas-C1, which sits at the juncture between skull and spine, is critical for proper functioning of the nervous system. Circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, accomplished by a pumping mechanism of the sacrum and cranial bones, is a primal energetic pathway in the human body. Visits to a qualified cranio-sacral specialist and/or chiropractor may be needed to correct or maintain structural integrity and an uncompromised energy flow. Please keep in mind that there is a sequence of care that must be understood by the practioner and individual
  4. Mitigation of Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress—EMI [Electro-Magnetic Interference] with the human energy field is the #1 pollutant of our time. It is silent, invisible, and unhealthy, penetrating the body without restriction. Satellites, computers, cell phones, blue tooth devices, radios, HDTVs, microwaves, general appliances, and computer-controlled vehicles all bombard us with an array of harmful frequencies. Nowadays, mitigation of these new and very high levels of radiation is essential to health. Geopathic stress (detrimental Earth Energies), likewise silent and invisible, is less well known or understood, but it is also a significant factor in the etiology of disease. Click here to learn more.

Basics to Wellness Mission

Basics to Wellness will create opportunities for individuals to make informed choices and empower themselves with respect to their own well-being through energetic re-balancing and self-development.

Basics to Wellness provides:

  1. Assistance in understanding the nature of a truly healthy human being—spirit, soul, and body;
  2. Tools and opportunities for you to create well-being; and
  3. Extraordinary service, using a variety of tools and techniques.

Basics to Wellness invites You to:

  • Learn, make informed choices, and empower yourself;
  • Commit, take responsibility, and follow through with the restoration or enhancement of your health; and
  • Take action to support the well-being of the larger community.