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Using Geometry to Assess and Remediate Toxic Energy Fields

When:   July 15, 9:00 AM to 5 P.M

Where: Naturopathic Institute

503 East Broadway Street
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

Cost:  $89


Learn how the geometry found in nature repeats within each of us and influences our health. Then discover how to find and measure the waves produced by geometry in order to better your environment and your well-being. This will include hands-on tools that involve vibrational dowsing and pendulums. Participants will learn how to clear their home, work and even themselves of harmful EMFs, earth lines, and other toxins. This course is taught by Paul Stumpo, engineer and natural health practitioner with an incredible amount of experience.

Further Discussion:

How can we as a community adapt and thrive in the midst of an every changing and increasing landscape of toxic energies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual? How can we take on the task of empowering
ourselves to overcome the present dark forces, that seem to surround
us, and how can we gain strength in so doing? Knowledge is power and
the focus of this course is to assist the community to move some steps
forward in the process of overcoming darkness (or incoherent energy
fields) for our own well being as well as the wellbeing of all those
around us.
As a student of Biogeometry ©™, we can use this new language and science  as a pathway in overcoming these toxicity issues as it provides us a language and assessment techniques which we can use to describe and determine with which incoherent dark energies we are involved. The basic focus is to transform incoherent fields into coherent fields. Incoherent describes the characteristic of an energy field that cannot be properly
process/handled by most living beings, be it a human, animal or plant.

This one day course will cover many different assessment techniques
starting with what is perceived as the basics such as determining if a
person is in a “switched state” with a discussion of the different
sources of this state and why it is so fundamental to track and correct
(with correction techniques demonstrated and discussed). The focus for
assessment will be through vibrational dowsing and the effectiveness
of tuning one’s energy field to receive and detect subtle energies (a
process of initiation). Other areas of testing to be demonstrated and
discussed is the chakra state, and organ systems energy levels.
We will discuss different types of pendulums as well as different
testing/assessing tools. As a part of the discussion of the tools is
how to use them to detect Geo-pathic stress in the land as well as in
a person and a discussion on of the devices that are available to
provide mitigation of the many stresses that we are encountering
every where. With time permitting, the spiritual dowsing arena will be
viewed and meditation techniques as tools for the practitioner and
client alike.