Radiating EMI Details

To view the RF towers that surround your house click here and enter your address.  You will probably come up with a map that looks something like this with 39 towers in a 4 mile radius around a location, with 4 applications for new towers on the books. These are Radio, Micro wave, Cell phone, HDTV, Emergency Broadcasting service EMI wave generating towers.

This does not take into account the WiFi router from your neighbors and the smart meters ontheir houses and the new vehicles with RADAR driving down the road that would be broadcasting into your space since they more than likely do not have any mitigating devices plugged into their houses and vehicles. So what to do is yet understand another device called the Radiant Room that provides the capability to clear these harmful EMI waves in a 400 square foot area.  Just simply placed in the room begins creating an area of protection. For more information click on the image.

Radiant Room