House Electrical Wiring Details

Fundamentally, 60hz (or alternating current electricity running at 60 cycles per second) and its harmonics are  not beneficial to most life forms, unless you a cat. That frequency cause difficulty with the biological processing and as has been described an interruption in the cellular pumping mechanism causing dis-ease processes to form.  At Basics To Wellness all house clearings involved an inspection or testing of the house electrical system. In so doing we would use the following devices to assess:

1)  Stetzer meters that provide the characteristics in Gram-Stetzer units that basically approximate the level of high frequency noise that is being emitted from all of the outlets. The device reads from 0 to 1999 with a desired reading below 50. Most houses average around 250 and most businesses exceed the maximum threshold and show 1999 on the meter.  Stetzer has compiler a vast amount of information on the subject and for an overview of the symptoms associated with EMI poisoning click here. For more research and information click here.

2) A trifield meter that measures Electrical, Magnetic and Radio wave intensity


3) Bio geometry devices that can qualify the existence of the detrimental components that ride inside the high Frequency Noise propagating out of the outlets .

These devices and protocols are used to determine the extent of the interference coming from the electrical wiring and the devices in appliances in the house such as wireless routers. smart meters,  refrigerators microwaves computers and their displays, CFL and halogen lights (that when turned on highly radiate into the space).

To more completely understand basics to wellness primary objectives, is to learn that the devices that we use do not reduce the gross EMI field of any device or system but mitigates the underlying detrimental wave that rides inside that gross field. This is like with the old TVs tuning to channel 2 and recognizing that all the other channels and the carrier wave are all still there, however, all we are seeing is channel 2. Bio-geometry allows us to tune into the detrimental portion of the field and mitigate/convert that field and thus transforming the operation to beneficial.

The most powerful device in our tool bag has the most impact on all areas within the household and it is called the EMF Adapter that was designed based on bio-geometry principles and that can be plugged into any outlet in the house and instantly, not just mitigate the fields, but convert them to beneficial. This last point is the most critical and can be shown via bio-geometry testing demonstrated by Basics to wellness and with some coaching the home owner can experience this phenomena as well . That device is depicted below, click on the image from more information.

EMF Adapter


The EMF Adapter will work all the way back to the smart meter, however, my testing shows that the detrimental waves from the smart meter are only mitigated and not converted.  The extraordinary inventors at Safe space have developed a device specifically for the smart meter that has a magnetic backing so that it will easily attached to the meter and is weather proof.  This Smart Disk converts the difficult waves from “Smart Meter” (nothing smart about it) and provides a means by which the large detrimental field that is produced by the smart meter is converted into a large beneficial field.  These devices will work on any type of smart meter electric, gas, and water. Each of which are creating and adding to the already toxic environment. If you live in an apartment or condo complex with multiple smart meter devices, unfortunately you will have to place one device on each meter. Click here to view in the store.

Smart Disk