Vibrational Remedy Patterns – Technology

Energy Capture Chamber used to create digital sound files by capture the subtle energy wave that every supplement exhibits.

Most notability used for Homeopathic, however, any substance has an energy field that can be sampled.

This chamber is an RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) enclosure that greatly reduces the amount of RFI that can get inside.

Also added like a box within a box is mu-metal that provides low frequencies attenuation, again reducing any waves that could penetrate into the enclosure and subsequently into  sample

The cabling to the chamber connects to the PC and is shield co-axial (balanced pair cable – Stereo signaling ) again to attenuate any noise in the signal capture process.


Using Stein Bergs wave lab software, we are able to capture the signal and digitize it. This graphic is the analysis view of the signal spectrum to 20,000 hz.