Personal Protection Details

Electronic Tethers

Without a doubt the most important and most dangerous device that is in the mix is our own  cell phones that we care with us  every where we go. The newer phones, the smart phone, are very powerful devices and radiate out more that 4 feet. Often people can feel there hands, arms and heads getting warm with its use, for sure the device itself can get warm. Again remember, there is a -70 micro volts of charge across a cell member, these phones are extremely powerful and can most definitely interfere with that charge and the cellular pumping mechanism. There are many devices on the market that I have tested and the fortunate news is that most mitigate the detrimental component of the field that is determined bio-geometry. However, the patch that we used converts the field and makes your phone a broadcaster of beneficial waves as well. Use to be I could not hold the phone to my head, and when a patch is placed there, I am free to use the phone as I please. . Its usage covers all electronic devices not just wireless communicating devices, so you can place on your  desktop computers and monitors as well. Click on the picture below for more details

Personalized Bubbles:   SafeSpace II

Keeping protection close

When you keep the SafeSpace II on or close to your body, such as in a pocket, it provides an extra layer of personal protection against EMFs that can affect the way you think and feel. Highly disruptive energy fields from cell phones and towers, high-voltage power lines, microwaves and other appliances, electric current and even the earth can cause a variety of health issues, from lack of energy to DNA damage.

The protective field the SafeSace II sets up around your body reduces the toxic effects of harmful electromagnetic energies and a host of other ambient threats. By keeping your body’s subtle energy and electrical system in balance, it helps you stay energized and strong throughout the day.

laptop wifi crowd

Stay protected around:

  • Computer areas and laptops
  • Wi-Fi in environments
  • Smart Meters
  • Airline travel…counters jet lag
  • Cars, trucks and more

How it works

The SafeSpace II is permanently imprinted with a vibrational program encoded with specific frequencies to radiate a powerful field that protects you from the toxic effects of EMFs. The imprinted program is very stable, and it cannot be weakened, altered or neutralized. You can wear it, carry it in your pocket or purse, or use it as a keychain. It is especially effective in protecting against EMFs from Wi-Fi when you use your computer or tablet. Click on the image for more information.

Personal Remedy on the Go

We go places that are not protected, balanced or safe on a constant basis. In order to coop with the mountain of EMI that is constantly beating on us, wearing a device that can create a unique remedy based on our environment is not just a nice thing to have but a basic necessity and provides an extra layer of personal protection with balancing and harmonizing energy

  • Help to restore integrity to the body through the energy field
  • Help cells to regenerate and function correctly
  • Energize while promoting calmness and clarity
  • Protect you from electromagnetic radiation
  • Counter jet lag and ease travel.
 The Vitaplex is permanently encoded with specific subtle energetic signals. These signals are designed to bridge imbalances in the body’s energy system and release the body’s energy flow. It supports the opening of a new circuit of life energy throughout the body-mind so clear communication channels between the subtle bodies and the physical are reestablished.. Click on the image for more information.

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