Basics to Wellness was generated out of a Systems view of the Human Being and its needs for rebalancing and continued development.  I view these basics as the legs of a table that provide the necessary foundation upon which Well Being can be built, without which well being will not be possible.

Those basics are as follows:

  1. Water – the essential elixor of life that is prehaps the most missunderstood fundational substance that is in our environment. It is miss understood simply because we have failed to understand that the body’s requirement for water is strict, meaning the quality of the fluid that is H2O has to have specific properties in order for the body to recognize it as water. The fluid that is coming out of the tap and in most plastic bottles is NOT water with respect to the bodies requirement. Distill H2O and Reverse Osmosis H2O is not water with respect to that requirement.
  2. Minerals and Salt – the engetic flow of the body is based on its minerals and maintains the proper ph based on the proper minerals being available. All detoxification processes in the body and any work accomplished to do detox requires the usage of minerals to so do and so enable the body to do. Digestion is intricately linked to proper mineralization without which digestive issues will insue. The ability for an individuality to use and retain any energy work via any modality will depend on that individualities level of mineralization.
  3. Proper Structural Hygien – I have had the opportunity to work directly with Brigette Bowler in an integrative manner in which we systematically have assist individuals reach new levels of well being through a process that includes an understanding of sequence of care. For more details on her work and this new/old chiropractic modality go here http://www.structuralhygiene.com . The most primative energetic flow of the being is the Cranial-Sacral pulsation without which any manner of dis-ease can insue
  4. Geopathic and Electromagnetic stress removed or mitigated in ones environment – EMI is the number one pollution (even though the level of bio-chemical toxicities has elevated drastically) that we encounter and it permates the body without restriction. Wether it be from the AC electrical wiring in the household, all the electronic appliances, the cell phones and blue tooth devices, the radio, HDTV signals, microwave stations, and or the vehicles (that have become extremely toxic with the addition of drive safety assisting features on the vehicles) it must be understood, handled and mitigated. Geopathic stress is less well known or understood and remains as a significant factory in the dis-ease process.

For More information on these four basics look under the respective tabs or follow the links to the indicated websites.

The Mission

To create an opportunity for any desiring individual to effectively make informed choices  and to effectively choose to empower themselves with regard to regaining balance in their being.

What We Provide

  • Assisting you in the understanding of the nature of a healthy human being: Spirit, Soul and Body.
  • The possibility for you to empowering yourself  and to create well being.
  • Providing extraordinary service using many tools, techniques and experiences to assist you in this process of transformation.

Your Responsibility

  • Desire to learn, to commit to and follow through with the process
  • Acknowledge the opportunity for choice and make your own informed choices
  • Take actions to support community wellbeing.